Security Plan

There has been more and more news about hackers getting into large corporations and stealing your passwords and personal data.

Everyone is guilty of using the same password for different websites. This allows hackers to try to hack various websites trying to dig deeper and eventually get what they want from you (money, information, personal data, etc…).

So, for 2019, have a security plan.
1. Spend the money and get a good password manager, like LastPass. I use LastPass as it supports Mac and Linux, but you can use any password manager you like.
2. Spend the money and get a security key, like Yubico or Google’s Titan Key. Using this key, the ONLY WAY a hacker can get into a site you’ve secured using this method is by having that hardware key. Google requires ALL employees have a Titan and they have had zero breaches using this.

Ok, I understand that this will cost you about $100, but it will save you a fortune in misery down the road.

Update: I now use BitWarden which is also a great (and Open Source) password manager.

Author: heinrich

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