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Moving ain’t easy….

For almost the last 20 years, I have had the same webhost. They were great and I wish them well,…

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Security Plan

There has been more and more news about hackers getting into large corporations and stealing your passwords and personal data….

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VPN Protocols and Wireguard

In a previous post, I discussed WHAT a VPN is and WHY you need a VPN. If you missed it,…

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VPN and you

VPNs are making the news and being advertised everywhere on the internet. If you are wondering WHAT a VPN is…

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Not password, passphrase

For years, people have been warned about using strong passwords and being told that strong passwords have the following characteristics:…

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Java and JavaScript

I was sitting in a meeting and there was a bit of confusion about whether the specification called for Java…

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Have you read this PDF?

A friend of mine came to me with interesting situation. He was a teacher at a school where the student’s email…

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How to Make the Ultimate Cup of Coffee

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I need to do is make myself a cup of…

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I’ve been duped!

In testing my Photo Organizing Script, I noticed something scary. If I move an image into a folder where another…

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NEF images with the Sorting Script

I was pretty happy with my scanning and sorting script. I shoot with a Nikon camera, so many of my…