I’ve been duped!

In testing my Photo Organizing Script, I noticed something scary.

If I move an image into a folder where another DIFFERENT image has the SAME name, the move function overwrites previous image.

No warning.

This is a pretty serious issue, since it will result in data loss.

It’s time to write a function to detect for this and rename the file.

	def move_safely (file, folderName)

	  if File.exists?(folderName+"/"+file)
	    puts "the file exists and should not be overwritten!"

	    #rename the file
	    #generate an 8 char random string to append to the file name.
	    random8 = (0...8).map{(65+rand(26)).chr}.join

	    #break up the file into file and file type. The result of this is an array
	    breakUp = file.split(".")

	    #add the fixin's to the random8 string
	    randomize = "_"+random8+"."

	    #insert it into the array

	    #convert the array into a file string
	    newFileName = breakUp.join


	    file = newFileName

	    puts "the file doesn't exist"

	FileUtils.move file, folderName


Author: heinrich

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